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Early Years

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Children aged 3-5-years-old who go to school or nursery in the UK are in the Early Years Foundation Stage. The Early Years are made up of Foundation Stage 1, for 3-4-year-olds, and Foundation Stage 2 (or Reception) for kids aged 4-5.


In the Early Years, children's development is encouraged with hands-on, engaging activities and experiences and is carefully monitored by teachers so that they can plan children's next steps. Instead of Subjects, there are seven areas of learning in the Early Years which are:

Personal, Social & Emotional Development • Physical DevelopmentCommunication & Language

Mathematics • Literacy • Expressive Art & DesignUnderstanding the World

Maths in the Early Years

Maths in the Early Years is split into two areas: children learn about Number and about Shape, Space and Measure.

Literacy in the Early Years

Throughout the Early Years, children develop their Reading and their Writing through exposure to a range of books and stories as well as plenty of mark making opportunities and often a Phonics program.

Phonics in the Early Years

Phonics is broken down into 6 phases which are taught from Early Years right up until the end of Year 2. During the Early Years, children are usually on either Phase 1, 2 3 or 4, although this can vary between schools.

Physical Development in the Early Years

Young children's Physical Development is separated into Moving & Handling and also Health & Self-Care.

All Learning Areas in the Early Years

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