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What is a URL?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Working on a laptop during distance learning

URL stands for Unique Resource Locator but it's always referred to as a URL.

A URL is the unique piece of text that you can type into the address bar on a browser to take you to a particular website or webpage.

The URL or web address for this site is

The URL that takes you to this page in particular is

As you can see the URL for this page is the same as the address for the website except that it has an extra part that says /url. This means that both URLs would bring you to my website but the first would go to my homepage whereas the longer one would bring you to this page. It's sort of like how the physical address of a location helps you to find it by telling you the road name and the city as well as just the building or house number.

If you want to find the URL of a webpage you are on, look in the address bar of the browser.

To copy it just click on it (so that it is highlighted), right click and click on Copy.

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