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CVC Word Videos on Youtube

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Here's a list (with links) of the best videos on Youtube for kids learning to blend and segment CVC words at home. Simple, clear videos help kids by sounding out the words, some put the CVC words into song and some have storylines.

For parents showing their kids any of these videos, I would recommend watching them through yourself first so that you can think about whether to pause and play in certain places or whether you could mute the video and let your child have a go first.

The videos in this list are suitable for kids doing Phonics Phase 2. To read more about what kids do in each of the 6 Phonics phases, click here.

Sounding Out CVC Words on Youtube

This video is great because it focuses on blending CVC words that only use the very first sounds that kids learn in Phonics. This means that even children at the start of Phase 2 can benefit from it. It's clear, uncluttered and uses a child-friendly font to show the sounds as they are sounded out before saying the word together. It also includes pictures to show kids what the words mean. After this, kids can progress through the videos that increase in difficulty throughout the Phonics Segmenting & Blending playlist.

This video shows kids how to sound out CVC words that include Phase 2 sounds. It's clean and simple and uses a child-friendly font. Once kids start to get the hang of sounding out the word before having a go at blending the sounds together you could try muting the video and asking kids to try by themselves. You could pause It before the picture appears and then play to reveal to the child whether they got it right or not!

Kids see letters spin like a slot machine before they stop and kids hear them sounded out in song and then kids are asked 'Is that a word?'. I like how the voice blends the word in more than one step - for example they say 'd-o-g, d-og, dog!' - rather than just going straight from the sounds to the word. I also like how there's a couple of silly words (AKA fake or pseudo words) thrown in there too! There's also a Reading Machine 2.

Segmenting CVC Words Videos

Brad asks kids to try to help him find the sounds that are in the word. This video is actually good for segmenting practise because Brad says the word and shows the picture before sounding out the word.

CVC Word Stories on Youtube

Above is a good long episode from Alphablocks all about how to blend one-syllable words or CVC words. Kids will love the cute little storylines and learn to blend simple words like 'pop' and 'dig'. Later on in the Alphablocks - Learn to Read in Syllables playlist there are clips where kids can see individual CVC words blended and also a few videos for blending groups of rhyming CVC words such as Dog and Frog.

CVC Word Songs on Youtube

As always, Jack Hartmann seems to be able to make anything into a catchy song. This musical video shows kids CVC words (with the short vowel sound a) whilst Jack says the letter names and then the sounds. I do like how Jack actually tells kids that they are learning to read CVC words in the song and also gives some actions that kids can do as they sing along. There is a video for each of the 5 vowels, all in the list at the bottom of this page.

This video is sort of a story told in song where the girl comes across different things that she sounds out before saying the word. She then revisits the sounds that each of the last four words needed again. Kids see the letters on the screen and I like the simple design and the fun song although she does randomly come across a sh-ee-p, sheep though which is strange because sheep isn't a CVC word 😅

This is quite a fast-paced video where kids who are pretty good with blending could try to call out the word before they say it in the song or you could pause it to give them chance to blend the sounds in the CVC words.

More CVC Word Videos on Youtube

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