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What is an extension on a computer?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Can you spot the extensions in my browser below?

Extension cables google search results

Hopefully you didn't struggle to spot the extension cables but the more tech-savvy among you might have noticed a second type of extension in my browser as well!

Take a look...

screenshot showing chrome extension icons location in browser
Google Chrome extension icons in the browser

See those six little icons I have circled? Each of these icons is a browser extension that I have installed on my Google Chrome browser.

Browser extensions, or browser plug -ns, give your browser the ability to do something a little extra if you have them installed.

Here's some examples:

Netflix Party Extension icon

See the NP icon? This is the Netflix Party extension. This extension means that when I go to Netflix, not only can I stream movies and TV shows, but I can also stream with my friends watching the same thing in real time. So it extends what I can do with Netflix. See?

Pinterest Extension icon

The P icon is the Pinterest extension. For Pinterest users, this simple extension means that you can pin any image from a site to one of your boards.

Nod Reactions Extension icon

This thumbs up icon is for Nod, a Google Chrome extension for Google Meets that allows you to send and recieve emojis in meetings.

Keep in mind that not all extensions are available for all browsers so you might need to specify your browser's name when you search for extensions. If you can't find the extension you want for the browser you use, you may need to switch to a different browser and install it on that.

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