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My name is Claudia and I'm a teacher who helps parents with their kids remote and distance learning as well as well as how kids can best learn online and with technology!


Fun Background Effects for Kids in Teams and Zoom

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Maybe your child is a little shy to appear on camera or they aren't very motivated towards joining live sessions from home?

Try injecting a little bit of fun into the experience by changing their background! It's so easy that your child will learn how to do it by themself but also learn more in their live lessons.

How to change background in Microsoft Teams

Start off in a meeting with your video turned on.

1. Click on the three dots in the control bar.
2. Click on 'Show background effects'.
3. Click on the background that you want. Click on 'Apply'.

Thats it! Even very young children can learn how to do it if you show them and practice with them.

If you're a Zoom user, it's even easier...

How to change your background in Zoom

Start in a meeting with your video on.

1. Click on the up arrow icon next to the video camera.
2. Click on the background you want and then close the box with the x in the top right corner.

So simple! Did you know that in Zoom you can also upload a photo to have as your background using the little + icon on the right.

Remember - children learn best when they are active, engaged and having fun!


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