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Google Classroom for Parents: Most Common Questions Answered

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

What is Google Classroom and what do parents need to know about it? A new academic year is upon us and if you're using Google Classroom for the first time, whether for full-time distance learning or for some of your schoolwork, you are bound to have some questions. I answer the most common Google Classroom queries as simply and clearly as possible in this Google Classroom FAQ for parents.

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a web-platform for sharing resources, distributing, grading and returning assignments and some communication between teachers and students.

Where can I download Google Classroom?

It depends on what kind of device you want to use Google Classroom on.

On a computer, you can access Google Classroom through a web-browser.

On a mobile device, you will need to download the Google Classroom app.

Is Google Classroom free?


Are Google Classroom assignments private?


Other students cannot see the work you submit - only you and your teacher can.

Are Google Classroom and Google Meet the same?

No. Google Classroom is for sharing resources, distributing, grading and returning assignments and some communication between teachers and students. Google Meet is a video calling platform. Teachers can organise Google Meets with students through Google Classroom but they are not the same thing.

Where can I find my Google Classroom code?

Your teacher will provide you with the code that you need to join a class for the first time.

Where is the Google Classroom stream?

To get to your Google Classroom Stream, sign in to Google Classroom and click on the class that you want to look at. At the top of the page 'Stream' should be in blue, meaning that it's currently open - if not then click on it to open it.

What does Google Classroom stream look like?

Will Google Classroom accept late work?


Google Classroom will allow work and assignments to be submitted even after the deadline has passed however the teacher is notified when pieces of work are submitted late.

What does 'due tomorrow' mean on Google Classroom?

Does Google Classroom work on an iPad/iPhone?

Yes. You can use Google Classroom either through your default Safari internet browser or the Google Chrome app but it's best used with the Google Classroom app on an iPad or an iPhone.

Can Google Classroom read aloud?

Google Classroom itself does not have the ability to read text aloud to you however here are some options you do have depending on your device:

  • On a Chromebook - use Chromevox which is the Google OS built-in screen reader. Learn how to use Chromevox here.

  • In Google Docs - turn on the Screen Reader in Tools > Accessibility Settings

  • In Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook - use Text to Speech feature. Learn how here.

  • On an Android device - use Google's Text to Speech feature. Find out how here.

Can I use Google Classroom without internet?

Sort of.

You can access and work on Google documents offline if

  • your school has set up offline access

  • AND you have downloaded the Google Docs offline extension for Google Chrome

  • AND you have turned on offline access in the G Suite apps that you want to be able to use offline.

How can I use emojis in Google Classroom?

There are lots of ways that you can use emojis in Google Classroom and so I wrote this post explaining how you can, depending on what kind of device or computer you have 🤗

Can I access Google Classroom without a Gmail account?


However, students do need a Google account to get access to Google Classroom. You can use personal Gmail accounts but your school admin may also create special Google account (that doesn't include Gmail) which you can use to access Google Classroom if you don't have a Gmail of your own or if you'd rather not use it.

Google Classroom vs Microsoft Teams

Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams are both online or virtual learning platforms where students and teachers can communicate and share resources through the internet. The primary difference that I have found is that Teams is more commonly used via it's app whereas Google Classroom is used mostly through a web browser, just like a normal website. Having said that, both Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom can be used through their respective apps or via a browser.

More about Microsoft Teams here and other online learning platform information here.

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