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My name is Claudia and I'm a teacher who helps parents with their kids remote and distance learning as well as well as how kids can best learn online and with technology!


How to Google search effectively

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

It's a lot. It's my job and I'm doing it every day, but it's still so much to take in. Platforms and plugins? Apps and extensions? Documents and sharing? Uploads, tablets, streaming, tabs, settings, passwords, filters.... The list goes on. And on and on and on. And what is a QR code??

First of all, I want to reassure you that you are not alone. I am 26 and I'm a fairly tech-savvy person compared to the average person but I still feel like I'm drowning in a million tech terms that nearly make up their own distinct language.

Why a growth mindset is important for distance learning

But don't worry. The good news is that this is an opportunity for YOU to learn alongside your little (or large sized) E-learner, distance learner, home learner or remote learner. So let's get our Growth Mindeset on and get down to business. Here's my TOP TIP for you to help yourself to learn.

How to use Google search engine

(Google is a website where you can do a search of the internet.)

Google is your friend. I probably use Google about 50+ times a day to look up new words, do translations, find inspiration, get recipies, read news, research, find things I want to buy online and find answers to my questions.

Using Google effectively

Anyone can Google something but there is a bit of a knack to getting more useful results. When Googling try to stick to using the key words that relate to your question. If the results aren't helpful, adjust your search terms. Consider phrasing and different words for things that are used more often (eg. crock pot = slow cooker).

It could be that you get better results when using abbreviations or acronyms. ('tech', 'OMG') Or the opposite, using the full words, title, name, might work better. (Eg. using the search term 'FIRE' doesn't help me finding out about the Financial Independence Retire Early Movement.

What happens when you google 'fire'.
Yes, I want my retirement to be hot but this just isn't helpful.

"Have you tried Googling it?" is often my genuine preliminary suggestion for queries or problems. It's sort of like "turn it off and on again". It works so often and it's so easy that it's worth a try. Googling probably works more often to be honest.

Anyway, this is my first aid package to you in the aftermath of the gigantic tech-storm that is the life of an online learner's parent. More arriving shortly to sustain you, don't worry.

I would LOVE to hear from you! Whether you are a parent or not, whether you just have a question relating to learning that you'd like help with, if it you'd just like to share an idea, resource or story, I'd be very pleased to hear from you.



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