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My name is Claudia and I'm a teacher who helps parents with their kids remote and distance learning as well as well as how kids can best learn online and with technology!


Hands-on Addition Activities for Teaching Addition at Home

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

On this page, you will find online activities and games that young kids can play for free that will actually help them to develop the important skills that they need to add and to do addition successfully at home.

If you've read my post about How to Teach Addition for Kids at Home then you'll understand that not all kids will be learning the same and doing the same things at the exact same ages and so to give your kids the best learning opportunities that you possibly can at home you are the best judge of what they are ready for. Find out more about how to decide what kids need to work on by having another look at the post on teaching addition at home.

This page includes interactive games and maths activities that will prepare young kids (roughly 4-6 years old) for understanding addition.

Non-Flash Games & Activities

I generally stick to non-Flash websites to recommend on my site because I know that lots of parents want their kids to be able to play these games on tablets and iPads.

Independent Online Activities

Parents can't be there, supporting learning 100% of the time and so activities and games that kids can do independently, but that are also genuinely educational are extremely useful. I have only recommended the most child-friendly resources that kids can definitely learn to access themselves.

Having said that, it's always best to supervise children of any age using the internet.

Best Free Online Addition Games for Kindergarten

These free games are interactive and help kids learn the basics of addition and practise their skills in a fun way. I've explored the addition games available and found that you don't need to spend anything for kids to be able to play really effective games that can actually benefit their addition skills. Many of the websites I have listed sort the games by the skill that is promoted in each, making it easy for you to guide your child towards playing games online that will really improve their addition and pre-addition skills in the areas they need to work on most.

Kindergarten Addition on Splash Learn

Splash learn kids addition and number games online learning

When you register on SplashLearn, they ask for a few details about you and your child which helps them provide a really personalized experience. There's lovely, bright graphics and lots to choose from, plus it's tablet-friendly.

I registered for a student account for Kindergarten since that was the youngest age available but the activities labelled as kindergarten games are actually well suited to kids of any age or grade that are learning to count, number bonds, representing numbers and basic addition.

Is SplashLearn free for parents?

The only downside is that whilst there is a quota of activities you can do when you sign up for free, this does run out and then a subscription costs between $3-8 monthly.

SplashLearn Interactive Games

Even without registering, you can access the Kinder Addition Games area. For kids still learning to do addition, filter the games by Topic and choose from Addition, Counting and Number.

ABCYa Educational Maths Games Online

In the Pre-K Maths games area, you'll find really nice games that kids can play, with or without help, to practise their skills. Birthday Candle Count is great for numeral and quantity matching, Counting Fish is good for counting practice and matching numbers, Fuzz Bugs (I love this one) is all about sorting and Monster Mansion Match is great for counting and matching numbers with quantities.

In the Kindergarten section, there are even more interactive games with lovely graphics that can definitely help kids improve their early addition skills at home. My favourite was Marble Math, where kids drag colourful marbles into two groups to represent a word problem and then use them to find the total of two groups and get the answer.

Is ABCYa free for parents?

ABCYa is totally free for anyone. To find the games that I mentioned above just click on either Pre-K or Grade-K and then choose Numbers.

Is ABCYa Educational?

I think that these games are very educational and provide a great way for kids to practise their early addition skills at home in a fun way. Remember kids learn best through play and having fun! Addition Games

What I like about is that there are so many games that teach addition to kids but they can be interspersed with mini-lessons in the form of songs, stories and cartoons that teach a lesson before kids apply what they learn. This way kids are continually moving their learning on instead of staying stuck on one game for hours. (On the other hand, this might not be as fun for kids if they feel they don't get much say in what they play.)

Filter their games by age - Preschool or Kindergarten - and then in Math topics - Addition or Number Sense.

Is free for parents? is free to try but only with limited access. Membership costs between $5-16 monthly.

Hands-on Addition Activities at Home

Online Dice Addition Games

Dice are a staple in classrooms - I have a couple of giant foam dice with clear plastic pockets in mine. I slide letters, numbers, shapes, words or pictures into the pockets and then we play games using the dice to add a little more fun to the lesson. The kids love that they get to roll the dice themselves and they love that they don't know what they'll land on.

Online or virtual dice can help kids practise addition at home through a few different activities:

  • rolling two dice with the dots showing and having kids count the dots on either dice and then count the total of the two groups

  • roll two dice with numbers on the faces and then use objects or make marks to help add the two numbers together

  • later on, kids could use dice with numbers or dots on the faces as a fun way to get two numbers to add together using another method that they know.

virtual dice addition game online

Where to find Virtual Dice for Kids Online:

Interactive Number Line Activity

virtual number line activity online tools for kids maths

Online Number line for Kindergarten - Don’t overlook this one because it seems to be less fun or because kids might not be able to work with the number all by themselves line straight away.

Once you’ve introduced the number line, show your kids how to use it to help them to add or to check answers they came up with using another method. This web tool allows you to add in arrows that show your jumps and has a pen tool that kids could use to draw their own jumps or even write out the number sentence.

Don’t forget that to begin with, there should be the same number of arrows as the number you are adding on. So if you are adding on three, there should be three individual arrows rather than one long one that covers three spaces.

Make your own Number Lines at Home

make your own number line at home in just 60 seconds powerpoint

I recently put together a quick post with easy steps for making your own number lines at home because I realised how easy it was when I had a go myself. I even managed to make the simple number line above in 60 seconds flat. You and your kids can make your own number lines SO easily at home by following the steps in the post or following the instructions in the video tutorial.

If you aren't sure how number lines can help kindergarten kids to develop important addition skills then make sure you have a look at the section about teaching kids to add on a number line in my How to Teach Addition to Young Kids at Home post.

Addition on Whiteboard Apps for Kids