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My name is Claudia and I'm a teacher who helps parents with their kids remote and distance learning as well as well as how kids can best learn online and with technology!


Learning with Boom Cards: Digital Task Cards for Kids

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

boom cards fun interactive home learning on a tablet for kids phonics

What are Digital Task Cards?

Digital Task Cards are online activities which are made up of many screens or slides which contain interactive activities for kids to complete. Boom Cards are perfect for kids to learn online and are so quick and easy to access.

What are Boom Cards?

Boom Cards are digital task cards for kids that can be found on Boom Learning, a website where teachers create and share their decks of Boom Cards. They're called 'cards' because of how they come in sets and how kids move through each card by completing each card's activity.

How do Boom Cards work?

Boom cards are usually created by a teacher on Boom Learning. The teacher designs the card and adds in interactive features such as drag and drops, fill in the gaps or multiple-choice questions. They then share the deck with their class by assigning the deck or using the fastplay option. Kids complete the activity on their own device and teachers are able to view reports on how kids did in the activities.

Are Boom Cards free?

Boom Cards are free for students if the deck is assigned by a teacher. Parents can browse for Boom Decks in the store for their kids to use at home, independently of school, however, not all of them are free.

Teachers are limited to only making 5 of their own Boom Card Decks with a free account and have to upgrade to make more.

How do students access Boom Cards?

For students to access Boom Cards assigned by their teacher:

  • follow the fastplay url provided by your teacher

  • enter the fastplay pin (provided by your teacher) here

  • receive a link to assigned boom cards on Google Classroom

  • sign into Boom Learning account and see assigned decks - you can do this using your Google account or a Boom Learning account set up with an email address

Kids can access Boom Cards on pretty much any device including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhones, smartphones, Chromebooks and even Kindles! There is a mobile app which is available for Android, iOS and for Kindle Fire.

How do students use Boom Cards?

Students can access Boom Cards using the ways listed above and then once they have a Boom Deck open on their device they can begin to go through the cards. Some cards have drag and drop activities where kids drag objects into different places, some have missing words or numbers that kids can type or drag into the space, some might have questions with multiple answers to choose from.

Most of the time Boom Cards are designed to be used pretty independently by kids. They have simple child-friendly instructions - if any are necessary - and big, bright images that will interest kids and keep them engaged. Some even have sounds!

Can Boom Cards be used on iPad?

Yes! Boom Cards are ideal for use on an iPad because of the larger screen size and the touchscreen makes it easier for kids to interact.

Is there a Boom Cards App?


Boom Learning App for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

Boom Cards App for Android

Boom Cards App for Kindle Fire

What is Boom Cards Fastplay?

Fastplay on Boom Learning is the quickest way for kids to access boom cards. Using a URL or a fastplay pin, boom decks can be opened up without signing in or having to search for the cards you want. When using Boom Cards through Fastplay, kids scores will not be recorded and they are anonymous. You can access my Boom Cards using Fastplay below.

How can Parents help kids use Boom Cards?

Parents can connect their kids with age-appropriate boom cards according to what their child is learning at the time by signing up, browsing the Store to find the Boom Decks they like and then opening them on a device for their child to use.

Alternatively, parents can use a Fastplay URL or a fastplay pin to quickly open up Boom Cards for their kids to play!

Depending on the cards, you might need to show your child how to use the cards and then let them get on with it or you might need to continue to supervise in case they need support.

Boom Cards for Preschool & Reception

Here's a Boom Card Deck I made for practising Number Bonds by filling Ten Frames. Kids drag the icons from below the ten frame into the empty spaces to make 10.

You can find more Boom Card Decks that I have made here.

You can also browse more kids' online learning resources here or read about other interactive learning platforms here.


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