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My name is Claudia and I'm a teacher who helps parents with their kids remote and distance learning as well as well as how kids can best learn online and with technology!


FREE mobile friendly Phonics games at Phonics Play

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Children learn best when they are having fun and Phonics is best learned through short but daily regular practice which makes Phonics Play an extremely important resource for distance learning. Depending on their age and Phase, children can practise sound (letter) recognition, blending and segmenting and recognising real and pseudo words.

Check with your teacher if you are not sure which Phonics Phase your child is currently learning.

Phonics Play is more mobile and tablet friendly than ever with it's newly designed website and the games are excellent. I use Phonics Play games with my class at school as well as part of the current distance learning.

Type into the address bar in the browser on a device or click on the link to try Phonics Play now.

Check out my post on how you may be misleading your child in Phonics and please send me an email if you have any comments, suggestions or other useful resources that can be shared!



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