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Can Students Share Their Screen on Microsoft Teams?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Sometimes kids want to show things to their classmates or need to show work to their teacher. Maybe they need to show slides to go with a presentation they are making in a Microsoft Teams meeting, maybe they want to show off the photos they took over the weekend or maybe they want to demonstrate how they did something on their own computer to help others. Keep in mind that student permissions may vary from school to school so you might need to check with your teacher before sharing and if the option isn't available to them you could request for permissions to be changed to allow your child to share.

Microsoft teams meeting share icon

Students can share their screen in a Teams meeting if they are in a Microsoft Teams meeting and have the appropriate sharing permissions from admin. The teacher will need to change the student's role in the meeting to 'presenter' when they want to let the student share their screen. To share their screen, students should click on the Share icon on the call toolbar and choose a window to share. You can share your entire computer screen, a particular window or a PowerPoint presentation and you can choose to include sound or not. A red line will outline everything that is being shared so that you know what others are seeing.

share your desktop in Microsoft teams meetings

Microsoft Teams Share Multiple Windows

Using the Desktop option (shown above) means that other participants will see your entire screen. Whatever you do on your computer others will be able to see including notifications and switching between windows. To share your desktop, click on the farthest left window underneath where it says Desktop.

Share a particular window in Microsoft teams meetings

Share Only One Window in Teams

As a student who is set to Participant by your teacher, you can choose to share only one window from the ones that you currently have open on your computer. It could be an internet browser window, a document, a presentation or files from your computer for example. If notifications pop up during your share, others won't see and if you move to another window, the share will end.

If you don't see a window that you'd like to share here, try closing the share menu and minimizing Teams then open the window you want to share again before going back to teams and clicking the share icon again. This time the window you want to share should be listed under Window. (You may need to scroll down if you have lots of windows open.)

share a powerpoint presentation in Microsoft teams meetings

How do you Share a Powerpoint Presentation with Teams?

To share a Powerpoint Presentation with Teams, click on the share screen icon and choose from any Powerpoint that is open on your computer. This option allows you to share a PowerPoint presentation but gives others the power to move back and forth through your slideshow independently at their own pace using the arrows. You can toggle the eye icon on and off to stop others from doing this if you'd rather have everyone looking at the same slide at once. To stop sharing a PowerPoint presentation on Teams use the 'Stop sharing' button next to the eye icon.

share a whiteboard in Microsoft teams  meetings

How to Share a Whiteboard in Teams

After clicking on the Share Screen icon select the Microsoft Whiteboard option on the right. (See above) This will open a blank whiteboard in your meeting which all participants can draw on in different colours or pen.

check if you are sharing audio in Microsoft teams  meetings

Can you Share Audio on Microsoft Teams?

Yes. If you'd like others to hear content that you are sharing as well as see it you'll need to make sure that you have the 'Include system audio' tickbox checked. If you don't want others to hear audio coming from your computer while you share, you need to leave this unchecked.

stop sharing screen icon Microsoft teams meetings

How to stop sharing your screen on Microsoft Teams

No matter what you were sharing, you should use the stop sharing icon (above) to stop sharing your screen on Microsoft Teams. You'll find this either on the meeting toolbar or on the Meeting mini-window in the bottom right of your screen.

How to Share Video on Microsoft Teams

To share a video that is stored on your device in a Microsoft Teams meeting you can share your desktop first and then open it in Files or you can open Files and navigate to your video first before selecting that Window in the Teams sharing menu.

How to Share a Youtube Video on a Teams Meeting

To share a video from the internet, such as from YouTube, you'll need to either share your desktop, open a browser and then go to the video or have the video open in a browser window beforehand and then share your browser window when you are ready in Teams.

If you want others to hear the video's sound make sure to check the 'Include system audio' tickbox.

How to see a shared screen in Teams

When someone shares a screen in a meeting that you are part of you will see whatever they share instead of the participant's videos. You must have the Microsoft Teams window open to see shared screens.

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