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Microsoft Teams Update: Raise your hand

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

I had a nice surprise this morning when I started my first live lesson with my class when I realised that we now finally have a Raise Your Hand feature in #MicrosoftTeams meetings!

How to raise your hand in Teams

Once you have joined a meeting you will see your toolbar hovering over the other participant's videos. Find the hand icon in the toolbar and press it to raise your virtual hand.

new raise your hand feature in microsoft teams meetings

Who can raise their hand in Teams meetings?

All participants in a meeting have the option of pressing the hand button to 'raise' their virtual hand to show that they would like to speak or ask a question. This is perfect for when your teacher is talking to the class in a Teams meeting and you have a question you'd like to ask but you don't want to interrupt. If you raise your hand with the Teams feature your teacher can pause at a convenient moment to take your question.

What happens when you raise your hand in a meeting?

When you 'raise your hand' using this button you see a message saying that your hand is currently raised. Only you can see this.

new raise your hand feature button on the control bar in a microsoft teams meeting

a raised hand icon in a microsoft teams meeting participant list

What do others see when I raise my hand in Teams?

If you have the participants list open on your right-hand side, you'll be able to see the little yellow hand icon next to your name while your hand is raised. Everyone else in the meeting can see this too.

If anyone else in the meeting raises their hand, everyone will be able to see that in the same way.

What will my teacher see when I raise my hand in a meeting?

The organiser of the meeting, or the teacher, will get a reminder showing which students currently have their hands raised so that they know who is waiting to speak.

How can I lower my hand in a Teams meeting?

Once you have had your turn speaking you'll want to lower your hand, otherwise, others might think you are still waiting to say something. To lower your virtual hand in the meeting you need to press the same hand icon in the toolbar again.

The teacher or the organiser of the meeting is also able to lower participants hands too if they want to.

Can I raise my hand in a one-on-one meeting?

No, you cannot raise your hand in a one-on-one meeting in Microsoft Teams. The raise your hand feature is only available in meetings with three or more participants.

Raise hand Teams mobile

For the moment the raise your hand feature is not available for mobile however it is rumoured to be on its way.

I am pleased that we finally have this feature because now I'll be able to see exactly who wants to say something without having to try and hear whose voice is whose when my class all talk over one another at the same time!

It is going to take some training to get all of my students to remember to use it though, so parents - help your teacher out by showing your child how to raise their virtual hand and reminding them to use it!

Also new in MS Teams: teachers are able to see up to nine of their student's video streams on their screen, so make sure you give him or her a big smile in your next live lesson! 😁

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