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What does toggle mean?

Updated: May 29, 2020

What is a toggle button? What is toggling and what does toggle mean? I have explored the world of toggles and brought the facts together for your perusal.

A toggle button is basically a digital on and off switch. A toggle button allows a user to switch something on or off by clicking on it. Toggling can also refer to the action of switching back and forth between two things - switching between two social media accounts that have both been signed into on the same device for example. This kind of toggling is usually not done with a toggle switch but with either one button activates the option out of the two that isn't currently active. You can also toggle back and forth using two entirely different buttons that are usually next to each other. Toggles are used on most devices and can commonly be seen in settings areas of apps and websites.

Let's take a look at some examples of toggles and toggling.

What does toggle mean on iPad?

On and off toggles highlighted on Home screen settings on an iPad

Here you can see some toggle buttons in the iPad Home Screen & Dock settings which allow me to keep the today view on the home screen on or off and to have suggested and recent apps in my iPad's dock or not. The first is circled in blue in the picture and is off. The second is switched on and is circled in green. On Apple devices a toggle that is switched to on turns green with the circle over to the right side whereas if it is grey with the circle on the left if it is off.

alarm app iphone with some alarms switched on and some off showing the toggles

What does toggle mean on an iPhone?

In the Clock app of my iPhone, there are toggle switches which let me turn the alarms that I have set up on and off. I have circled the toggles that are set to on in yellow and the ones that are off in blue. Only the alarms that are set to on are active and will go off at the time they are set for.

What is a toggle on a computer?

I did some more searching for examples of toggle buttons so that I can give an even clearer idea of what a toggle is and I came across a whole nest of toggles in the Taskbar settings of my Windows 10 computer!

toggle switches in taskbar settings windows 10

Here you can see that a whole list of options are available for me to turn either on or off depending on how I want my taskbar to work and you can see that the top five toggles are switched to off and the last two are on.

Toggle on Microsoft Word

Here's how to change the page layout in Microsoft Word by toggling between the three different options. Read mode, print layout and web layout all have their own button in this example and you can toggle between them by clicking on the icons at the bottom right of the Microsoft Word window.



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