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My name is Claudia and I'm a teacher who helps parents with their kids remote and distance learning as well as well as how kids can best learn online and with technology!


Paperless, educational, interactive, FREE: Twinkl Go!

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Twinkl is a massive educational resource site that is trusted by teachers worldwide. The resources Twinkl provide are carefully designed to be child-friendly as well as to support learning in a wide range of topics and also in many different languages!

Twinkl Go! is Twinkl’s recently launched interactive resource and streaming platform. Twinkl Go! contains educational games, videos, animations, activities and stories that are interactive and fun can be accessed on any device!

If you're trying to keep the Youtube time to a minimum without having to take away the devices altogether, try signing up for a free Twinkl account to access Twinkl Go! and let your child explore. If nothing else, at least you'll get a break from hearing the same annoying Youtube ads over and over!

What’s so good about Twinkl Go!?

  • You can get access with a free account

  • There are new free resources added weekly

  • No printer necessary

  • Paperless (better for the environment)

  • No software or downloads

  • There's a range of subjects (Maths, Literacy, Science, History, Geography)

  • There's content for a range of age groups (4-11yrs)

  • Content is randomised so that resources can be used again without being repetitive

  • All the content is mobile, tablet and computer friendly

These are the four areas where you will find FREE content on Twinkl Go!:

Explore, Listen, Play, Watch

Educational games for kids at Twinkl Go!
You can tell if a resource is free by looking for the pink ‘Free Resource’ label.

What's in each area of Twinkl Go!?


This is where you’ll find short interactive activities like matching, quizzes and colouring that could support whatever your child is currently learning or be done in free time for fun.


Audiobooks for kids including Twinkl Originals, traditional stories and poetry! These stories can support reading and writing skills and you don’t have to worry about getting to a bookshop or paying for new books!

Educational resources by subject and by age
You can filter the resources in each area by Age or by Subject.


Interactive educational games that get children to use their knowledge and skills in a fun and engaging way.


Educational videos and animations that can help you to explain skills and ideas to your children even if you aren’t that familiar with them.

Of course you do have the option of subscribing to access all the content and Twinkl frequently have subscription offers and promotions so once your free acount is set up, you'll be notified by email of any opportunities for discounts!


Claudia Wild

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Which resource has your child enjoyed the most on Twinkl Go!? Let me know here.

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