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Looking for online learning platforms? Check out the directory here.

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*Links with an asterisk will take you away from my site 😣 BUT rest assured that these links are here for good reason because I will only ever link to the most helpful webpages that I find. I only use external links when I believe that another website has done such a good job answering a question that I couldn't possibly have done a better job myself. I think it's more important that you get the most helpful information you can than for you to stay on my website. 

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Boom Cards

Boom Cards are digital task cards that work perfectly on tablets and iPad (as well as other mobiles, computers and laptops) and are a brilliant way for kids to complete educational activities online in an interactive, fun way. Boom Cards can be used through a browser or via the Boom Cards app. Read more here about how Boom Cards work and how your kids can use them for learning at home for free.

Access E-Learn Connect Boom cards here, or go straight to Boom Cards by subject:


App is short for application. Apps are programs or pieces of software that are designed to be used on mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. Apple's app store is the home of apps for Apple devices like iPads and iPhones and the Google Play Store is where you'll find apps to use on Android devices. Other manufacturers have their own app stores too.

Web-Based Digital Learning Tools

Web-tools or digital learning tools for kids are websites which support kids learning by letting them create things,  helping them source resources online and keep resources organised and helping them accomplish things in the best, most suitable way for the task. Whether it's creating beautiful interactive timelines or rolling a virtual dice for a simple early years addition game, web-based or browser-based tools can be super useful for kids so make sure you bookmark these ones:


Extensions are tiny little pieces of software or programs that you can install to allow existing applications to do more. Browser extensions give your browser added abilities and there are even extensions for specific web platforms like Google Docs! You can find out more about what extensions are here, or browse extensions for kids featured on the site:

Browser extensions

Google Docs extensions


Kids Devices & Tech

Technology is a powerful learning tool for kids and it's an inevitable part of our lives in the 21st-Century. Is online learning the future? How does online learning compare with traditional learning in the classroom? Find out more about these topics here. Don't forget to check out my Youtube channel for more tech tips for parents. 




Virtual Experiences

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