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My name is Claudia and I'm a teacher who helps parents with their kids remote and distance learning as well as well as how kids can best learn online and with technology!


7 Exercise Video Channels for Kids on Youtube

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

list of exervice video channels on youtube for kids at home active

Family Workout Videos

We know that screen time isn't dangerous to kids as long as it doesn't interfere with the habits they need for a healthy lifestyle such as getting enough sleep and having a balanced and varied diet. One way to make sure kids maintain a healthy lifestyle is to make sure that they keep active and aren't stationary for extended periods of time and a great way to motivate kids to get up and move is with fun exercise videos like the seven that I have listed here.

These are seven of my favourite videos for getting kids active and doing some exercise at home. Each video in the list is just one example of what can be found on the channel that produced it and so, no matter how old your kids are, what they are interested in or what kind of exercise they prefer - you're bound to find something useful here!


For some of the catchiest tunes and freshest kids action songs, check out one of my favourite Youtube channels - GoNoodle. Not only are their videos fun enough to get kids moving at home, providing much-needed breaks from stationary screen time, their clever lyrics even teach kids things whilst they're getting active. For example, one of my class's favourite videos from GoNoodle - Banana Banana Meatball - teaches kids all about repeating patterns!

Indoor Exercise for Kids

Some of the best channels on Youtube are definitely a little strange and Koo Koo Kanga Roo, home of the insanely popular Pop See Ko, is no exception. My favourite video from Koo Koo Kanga Roo is titled All I Eat is Pizza and even with fast-food endorsing lyrics that don't exactly align with the theme of this post, is still hilariously fun and much-loved by kids (and teachers).

Yoga for Kids

You might already be familiar with Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube. At Cosmic Kids, Jamie guides young children through a yoga practise that is based on a story. Adventures, fairytales and action make yoga with Cosmic Kids a vivid and extraordinary experience and keeps kids fully absorbed as they follow along with the special sequences of child-friendly and safe-to-do-at-home moves and poses. With almost 500 videos and countless themes, characters and stories to choose from, you should easily find yoga adventures that suit your kids at home on this fantastic channel.

Kids Dance Workout

This is another slightly weird one - not sure if it's the pink bob wig or just the sheer outdatedness - but it's definitely not one to be left off any list of ways to keep kids active: Debbie Doo Kids TV. Your kids might even know some of Debbie Doo's classic action songs from school or nursery but even if they don't - they'll soon learn the words and the moves to these catchy tunes.

Aerobics for Kids on Youtube

The Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel is as strange as any on this list but it certainly packs in plenty of learning through some catchy tunes and dance moves. Counting, days of the week, syllables, shapes: you name it - Jack Hartmann has a catchy tune with some interesting moves to help your kids learn about it. My favourite of Jack Hartmann's videos is Count to 10 (below) where Jack makes learning to count fun using movement and funny voices!

30 Minute Workout for Kids

If it's more of a PE lesson style workout that your kids can do indoors then Joe Wickes at The Body Coach Youtube Channel should do the trick. Joe essentially taught PE to the children of the UK as they remained at home from school during lockdown measures. With 60 half-hour PE lessons for kids in one playlist alone - his channel has lots of options for kids and parents too to be able to stay active at home.

Dough Disco

This video from Spread the Happiness TV might be the most bizarre of the bunch - but then who can argue with over a quarter of a million views? Kids will need a small lump of playdough for this video and will love strengthening their fingers and their hands by going to the "dough discooooo" 😅

7 Youtube Channels for the Best Kids Exercise Videos


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